Meet The Team

Our Guiding Principles

We are a fast growing team dedicated to build the future of remote work for AI teams, the infrastructure required by the enterprise, and support the stakeholders in the AI ecosystem.

High Expectations

We always under-promise & over-deliver.

100% Accountability

No blame game. We own our tasks & deliver them .

Put Customers First

We obsess to ensure our partners are successful.

Build our Teams

By nurturing our AI talent, our teams & community are defining the future.

Build the Future

Don't use yesterday's technology to solve tomorrow's problems.

Build Community

Invest in our members, anticipate their needs.

Growth Mindset

Achieve our goals through dedication & hard work.

Love Learning

Challenge your mind, to create your best life.

Joe Wehbe

Chief Executive Officer

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Ibrahim Ibrahim

Chief Product Officer

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Marzieh Zare

Chief Technology Officer

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Bhavani Shekhawat

Chief Innovation Officer

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Isha Agarwal

Product Management

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Fatma El Alawy

Marketing & Community Lead

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ONRamp @ University of Toronto

100 College St

Toronto, ON M5G 1L5


Le Bureau Building, Beirut, Lebanon

Cambridge Innovation Center

1 Broadway, 

Cambridge, MA 02142


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ONRamp Entrepreneurship @

University of Toronto

100 College St

Toronto, Canada



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in Toronto & Boston