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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DAIMLAS do?

DAIMLAS is a B2B marketplace transforming your AI aspirations from zero to business outcomes.  Companies are able to hire vetted remote artificial intelligence teams to work on their projects.  AI professionals from vetted AI programs in North America form the core of our team. 

What is DAIMLAS? 


How is DAIMLAS different from BCG GAMMA, Deloitte Omnia, or McKinsey Quantum Black?

How can I join a vetted AI team if I don’t have experience?

How can I submit my AI project?

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Why are you measuring intercultural intelligence?

What infrastructure do your teams have access to?

How is DAIMLAS different from Upwork?

How  is DAIMLAS different from FIVERR?

How is DAIMLAS different from Toptal?

How is DAIMLAS different from LinkedIn?

How  is DAIMLAS different from Catalant Technologies?

How  is DAIMLAS different from Experfy?

How  is DAIMLAS different from YOUTEAM?

How is DAIMLAS different from Turing?

How  is DAIMLAS different from Kaggle?

Why can’t I just hire a data scientist on Indeed, Glassdoor, Hired or Zip Recruiter?

Why are you linkedin to all other platforms on your FAQ page?

Are you an EdTech platform?

How do you measure quality liquidity?

How are you thinking about the future of distributed innovation?

Logarithmic network effects?

What are data-enabled network effects?

What do you mean by creating innovation arbitrage in your whitepaper?

What is ecosystem edge?

What is the Canadian National AI strategy?

What country is the #1 country for data science students?

What is the MIT Lebanon Challenge?

How was your experience at the MIT Lebanon Challenge?

What is your strategy to operationalize global business transformation?

What is the AI Transformation Playbook?

Why are you targeting companies with less than $500million valuation and market cap?

What is a verticalized marketplace?

Where is your team located?

How can I invest in DAIMLAS?

Where are you incorporated?

How do you work with universities?

Do you have a campus ambassador program?

Why are outcomes of AI projects not deterministic?

How do you manage talent?

How do you ensure data protection in the projects?

How do you ensure that corporate clients are satisfied with the results?

How will the gig economy drive the future of employment?

How can companies win in the tech-talent battlegrounds?

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